Renascence provides a holistic program that helps men serving sentences for non-violent crimes begin a successful, productive transition back into society. Every day things that we might take for granted, such as a driver’s license, are often times obstacles for these men. Renascence helps to overcome these obstacles including.
– Obtaining Identification
– Health Care
– Vocational Rehabilitation
– Family Relationships
– Job Readiness/Training
– Adult Basic Education
– Victim’s Compensation
– Life Skills and Social Skills Training
– Mentoring Support
– Spiritual Support
One of the ways Renascence is successful in helping their Resident Members is by empowering them and holding them accountable to high standards. Before even being accepted into the program, each Resident Member must sign a contract to abide by all House Rules. Some of those rules include
– Obey nightly curfew
– Attend all House meetings
– Attend scheduled classes
– Find employment
– Pay rent (25% of income) and any other financial obligations (child support, restitution, etc.)
In addition, activities, support groups, and courses in interpersonal and social skills help Resident Members form life-changing relationships and become responsible, productive individuals of the community.  They are taught to help in the household as well as in the neighborhood. Some of their courses include money management, parenting skills, counseling, interfaith religious services, and more.